Writing Recipes

There is currently only 1 supported recipe format, but the system is designed to allows new formats to be developed over time.

Simple Recipes

The “simple” recipe format conceptualizes recipes as a sequential list of set points for environmental variables. It doesn’t take into account the expression of the plants being grown at all.

In particular, a “simple” recipe is a list of 3-element lists with the following structure:

[<offset>, <variable_type>, <value>]

Where <offset> is the number of seconds since the start of the recipe at which this set point should take effect, <variable_type> is the variable type to which the set point refers (e.g. “air_temperature”), and <value> is the value of the set point. The set point stays in effect until a new set point for that variable type is reached. The list of set points must be ordered by offset.

The recipe will end as soon as the last set point is emitted. Because of this, it is recommended to end the recipe with a recipe_end set point that indicates that the recipe should be stopped. The value field for that set point could be set to the empty string (“”).

See this gist for an example of a recipe.